Session 1
Dragons don't mix well with boats.

The party engaged in some light-hearted troublemaking aboard the Breaking Wind (yes, there were puns) before progressing with their evening. Disaster struck and they were forced to fend off a hand full of what appeared to be pirates. Their defense was successful when they broke the boat tethers and eliminated the boarders. Not quite content with simply limping away from a fight, the party and crew of the now de-masted Breaking Wind decided to take the fight to them, boarded one of the attacking ships, and slew a leader of the pirate band. The leader was only identified as having a connection to the Southern Break bandits, and their not-quite-sane gnome prisoner shared no helpful insight. Towards the latter half of the fight, the unnamed prisoner and her two guards evacuated the Breaking Wind only to be thrust once more into the water when two Stewards (dragons) collided with their ships during a legendary battle.

Waking up nearly a day later and over 100 miles from where they last have memory, the party immediately sought shelter and rest. In a turn of events that may or may not have happened, Silverfrond managed to persuade a hungry owlbear to eat something other than his companions. A few days and a pack of wolf spiders later, the party found themselves amongst a settlement of somewhat racist halflings and have enlisted their services to Lordling Tiddle, the local regent, in dealing with a wurm problem. Meanwhile, Stein began training at a brothel, Doru Von Brandt made a habit of bullying the local bullies, and (Whittle won’t give me his character name) made a friend.

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