History of Evra

In the beginning of time, Solar and Lunar lived as two pieces of one. They molded the world and admired all its perfect splendor. Solar spread her light across the surface while Lunar created the mountains and the hills, filling them with his molten blood. Lunar also created three animated beings of earth and stone, the Titans, for the pair to entertain themselves with. Solar’s light shown so bright that it began to spread beyond their land and into the skies above. They continued their peaceful drift through time while a seed of envy grew in Lunar’s heart.

They shared the land, but Solar also had all of the skies. Ages passed and Lunar, no longer able to bear the boiling shard of envy, stole Solar’s light, bringing darkness to their world. Solar lashed out at Lunar, who had taken so much of her, with great ferocity. They battled and hated for the first time, for a long time. Solar expended all but a fraction of her remaining power and managed to shatter Lunar and his stolen light, scattering them into millions of fragments across the darkened sky.

Solar endured ages of anger and sorrow, seeing the heart of her partner twinkling among the great expanse of speckled darkness. In an attempt to rid herself of loneliness, she created life. As if mocking Lunar, the life she created was of similar form to the old toy titans, but with the freedom to learn and form their own personality. She poured her pain, regret, hope, love, and anger into the life she created; the races of men, elves, and dwarves.

Her children grew and learned and provided her with some needed relief and entertainment, but they were never able to stem the loneliness Solar felt within herself. Her dissatisfaction grew too great and she decided a drastic change was needed; she sought to join Lunar in the twinkling sky. Not wanting to abandon her children, she created one more titan to fill the world with more variety of life. She also left a small fragment of herself as a guide to her creations and thrust the remainder of her essence skywards to follow the broken pieces of Lunar across the sky, hoping to one day overcome their strife and be together again.

Another eon passed and the varieties of life multiplied and changed; and fought. The fragment of Solar, the Allmother, along with her titan, created five Stewards to govern the races of men and mer. Each steward was given a swath of land to oversee and tasked to reduce the conflict and suffering her children endured.

The stewards maintained thousands of years of peace before the differences among their subjects were too great to contain. The First Devastation occurred, and all five kingdoms dove into a great war. The stewards sought to appease their subjects while the world was ravaged with strife. Pleading to their Allmother for aid, the stewards received no response from her golden tower in Shadris.

The stewards sought to bring an end to the strife via the quickest path and decided that more bloodshed must be had to appease their people’s lust for war. The stewards descended upon the field of battle and brought about a quick end to disputes of the lesser beings.

The following era showed an unsteady peace among the races. The conflict was kept to minor skirmishes and petty land grabs by greedy nobles, and the Stewards saw no need to intervene. Some differences were overcome and bonds were woven among smaller groups of people. One such group of men lived alongside their dwarven friends and eventually came to be known as the halflings, as the underground living and labor stunted their growth. Among the elves, a splinter broke off and moved away from the Hometree of their great forest. While their separation was wrought with animosity, the gnomes as they are now known, wanted a life free from the rules their society had bourne.

However, all was not well in the lands of Evra. Halidous, Steward of The Maw, rallied his army of giantfolk in the northern reaches of the world and beset war upon the lands once more. The dwarven and elven nations suffered the brunt of the assault while the army of Halidous sought only to cause chaos and death. Corobraccus, the Steward of the Rowan Expanse, and Desterios, the Steward of Dragonspine, sought aid from their southern brothers. Only Wolder, the Steward of Terran, responded to this call. Together the three pushed back the invading force and crippled the Traitor Steward as he tried to lie his way out of retribution. The three Stewards then turned their gaze upon Arisuno, Steward of Mularn, who abandoned them in their time of need. One last battle occurred, between the three northern nations and people of Mularn. The Mularin people are a hardy folk, and they never saw true defeat. The northern three Stewards concluded that their attack had incurred enough bloodshed and agreed to another unsteady peace. This concluded the time known as the Second Devastation.

The year now is 2D377, or 377 years after the end of the Second Devastation. The Stewards are revered as deities beneath the Allmother, despite her inaction. The unsteady peace has continued, but there is a growing sense of worry at the back of everyone’s mind.

History of Evra

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