The Steward of Mularn and lord over the Realm of Mularn. Arisuno rules his people with an iron fist, demanding complete devotion and servitude of his subjects. His distaste for the people of the other kingdoms has spread throughout his lands and driven all but the race of men from his kingdom. Arisuno doesn’t like to directly interact with his people and has his elite acolytes, the Brass Blades, enforce his will.


The Steward of Dragonspine and queen amongst her people in the Kingdom of Hammerfel. Desterios has shown herself to be stern when needed, and merry when it isn’t. She prefers to act more as a figurehead and allows her people to rule themselves. The last true governance she conducted was the establishment of castes within her kingdom to ensure that everyone’s place in society was easily identifiable and more time could be spent being productive or enjoying all the wonders life has to offer.


The Steward of the Rowan Expanse and Principal to his people in the Rowan Republic. While Corobraccus prefers to avoid the politics of his people, he goes to great efforts to ensure that his people have every opportunity to pursue knowledge. Also known as the Great Teacher, he teaches the most renown scholars some of the greatest mysteries of the world.


The Steward of Terran and King of the Terran Sovereignty. Wolder commands great respect and admiration from his subjects and is widely regarded amongst his people as the Voice of the Allmother. His dedication to protecting his people and their way of life, while also promoting forward thinking, has turned his kingdom in a melting pot of people. All races of Evra have a place in Terran.


The Traitor Steward of the Maw and lord over nothing. Halidous betrayed his siblings and began the Second Devastation. For his actions, he was exiled and imprisoned within his dark tower, the Starspire. What remains of his kingdom and the giantfolk it contained has fallen into anarchy.


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