The titans are giant entities that were created by Solar and Lunar near the beginning of time to help them maintain their paradise.

Solus, the Titan of Water

A likeness of Solar, this titan was created to form and maintain vast bodies of water of Evra. Lunar hoped to impress Solar with the oceans and how they reflect her light across the vastness of their domain.

Lunis, the Titan of Stone

A likeness of Lunar, this titan was created mold and maintain the earth and stone above and below the waters of Evra.

Torus, the Titan of Air

An expirement of Lunar’s. This titan was designed to fill the sky between the surface of Evra and the great beyond. This titan maintains the weather.

Sel, the Titan of Life

The titan created by Solar to continue the spread of life. Without the power of its creator, the life it created was far simpler.


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