This is not an exhaustive list, there are additional recipes or concoctions that can be found. Potions and poisons may be stored in durable metal flasks instead of glass vials, but they are more difficult to find.


Potions are purchased, found, or created with an herbalism kit and are consumed on use to provide a positive effect. These potions are metabolized very quickly and have a near instant or very short term effect. Most potions come in three tiers of effectiveness; simple, normal, and superior.

Healing Potions dramatically increase your natural healing ability and are more effective on those with higher Constitution.

  1. Simple Healing Potions, DC12 to create, heals for 2d6 + (1d4 per Constitution modifier)
  2. Normal Healing Potions, DC21 to create, heals for 4d6 + (1d4 per Constitution modifier)
  3. Superior Healing Potions, DC32 to create, heals for 6d6 + (1d4 per Constitution modifier)

Energy Potions improve the imbiber’s physical characteristics for a short time, providing an advantage on a limited number Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution-based skills, attacks, and checks during its duration.

  1. Simple Energy Potion; DC14 to create; advantage on 3 physical checks or saves within the next minute.
  2. Normal Energy Potion; DC24 to create; advantage on 5 physical checks or saves within the next minute.
  3. Superior Energy Potion; DC34 to create; advantage on 7 physical checks or saves within the next minute.

Potions of Resistance provide the imbiber with a natural resistance to a chosen element (any except necrotic, radiant, and psychic), granting immunity to status conditions applied by and damage resistance from the chosen effect. Potions of Resistance have only one tier and a creature can only be under the effect of one resistance potion at a time and the resistance will not stack with other sources of damage resistance. The element is chosen at the time of creation. The following uses Poison as an example;

  1. Potion of Poison Resistance; DC17 to create; 1 minute duration; immune to conditions applied by poisons and resistant to poison damage.

Potions of Fire Belly provide immediate but short-lived warmth to the imbiber. For 15 seconds after drinking the potion, the imbiber has resistance to cold damage and may make a bonus action on their turn to breathe fire, damaging all targets within a 15-foot cone in front of them.

  1. Simple Potion of Fire Belly; DC16 to create; 2d6 fire damage on breathe
  2. Normal Potion of Fire Belly; DC22 to create; 4d6 fire damage on breathe
  3. Superior Potion of Fire Belly; (You’ll have to find out ;), let me know what you roll when attempting to make)


Bombs can be purchased, found or created with an alchemy kit. Bombs are stored in glass vials and can be thrown at enemies or set into a trap. The bomb will trigger when subjected to sudden and extreme impacts, such as colliding with metal or stone. A bomb may be thrown at terrain or static objects with an automatic success (as long as the surface is hard enough to shatter the glass, or thrown with enough Strength). If the bomb is thrown at an animated target, the vial is treated as a thrown 1d4 finesse weapon that deals bludgeoning damage; the struck target makes any applicable saving throws against the effects of the bomb at disadvantage. Missed throws may overshoot the target or fall short, producing fun and exciting side effects for the DM. The effects of the bomb trigger on all applicable targets within their radius, and those targets must make an applicable saving throw. Like potions, most bombs come in three tiers; simple, normal, and superior.

Fire, Frost, and Acid Bombs deals damage of a chosen type (fire, frost, acid) to all targets in the blast radius. Targets in the radius may make a Dexterity save for half damage.

  1. Simple Fire Bomb, DC11 to make, DC12 to save, 2d8 fire damage in 10ft radius
  2. Normal Fire Bomb, DC19 to make, DC15 to save, 4d8 fire damage in 15ft radius
  3. Superior Fire Bomb, DC26 to make, DC18 to save, 6d8 fire damage in 20ft radius

Oil Bombs coat the area of impact with slick and flammable oil. Targets in the area may make a Dexterity save to avoid being covered in the oil when the bomb explodes. Targets moving through an area covered in oil must make a Dexterity save to avoid slipping, falling prone, and becoming covered in oil. If the oil is ignited, targets in the area take fire damage at the beginning of each round they remain in the flames. Targets covered in oil take double damage if ignited. The oil will burn for 12 seconds (two rounds), consuming the oil. The oil can be washed away with water.

  1. Simple Oil Bomb, DC8 to make, DC8 to save, 10ft radius, 1d4 fire damage if ignited
  2. Normal Oil Bomb, DC15 to make, DC10 to save, 10ft radius, 2d6 fire damage if ignited
  3. Superior Oil Bomb, DC24 to make, DC12 to save, 10ft radius, 3d8 fire damage if ignited


Poisons can be found, bought, or crafted using a poisoner’s kit and may be coated on a weapon or imbibed to cause negative effects on the subject. Poisons don’t generally keep their poisonous properties well outside of their container and must be used quickly after being applied. Each poison contains enough material to coat a weapon or arrow three times, but the poisonous coat will wear off upon hitting a target. Imbibing a poison can cause considerably more potent effects, but takes longer to set in. Applying a coat of poison to a weapon or piece of ammunition takes one standard action and the poison will wear off after 10 minutes.

Rapid Poison is an odorless and tasteless poison that will apply damage to the affected area immediately on contact and force the subject to make a saving throw at the beginning of their next turn or suffer the damage again (for a total of two damaging rolls). Multiple applications of rapid poison within a short duration will stack.

  1. Simple Rapid Poison, DC12 to make, DC11 to save on turn, 2d8 poison damage
  2. Normal Rapid Poison, DC21 to make, DC14 to save on turn, 3d8 poison damage
  3. Superior Rapid Poison, DC30 to make, DC17 to save on turn, 4d8 poison damage

Acidic Paste is a purple paste that can only be applied to a weapon or piece of ammunition, incurs no saving throw, and bypasses poison resistances and immunity. This paste will damage your own non-magical equipment and should be used sparingly. Upon striking the subject, the paste will begin to eat it’s way through any layers of non-magical armor or clothing and then burn into their body, causing damage at the end of their next three turns. The highly volatile and corrosive nature of this paste only allows it to be stored in glass vials.

  1. Simple Acidic Paste, DC15 to make, 2d4 acid damage
  2. Normal Acidic Paste, DC23 to make, 3d4 acid damage
  3. Superior Acidic Paste, DC31 to make, 4d4 acid damage


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