The Shortcut

  • +1 dagger, 1d6 piercing damage, finesse and light weapon
  • You must possess this dagger for 12 hours to attune, and attunement is lost after 12 hours without possession
  • While attuned and not in possession of the dagger, you will always know which direction the dagger is and only a vague awareness of the distance

This short curved blue dagger has a small hook at the tip. Originally dubbed The Shortcut when renowned thief Kel’Verris stabbed his companion and shoved him off a cliff to create a safe escape from pursuing authorities. When you successfully strike an opponent with the dagger, you may impale the target with the dagger and leave it embedded, requiring an action and a DC14 strength check to remove and deals 1d8+1 slashing damage on removal. At any time while you are attuned, you may use a bonus action to instantly teleport yourself and any willing creatures in contact with you to the closest unoccupied spaces near the dagger. Doing so places great strain on the owner’s body and soul, reducing their maximum health by 1d6. This effect is cumulative and can only be removed by Greater Restoration.

Renewing Mallet

  • +1 hammer, 1d8 bludgeoning damage, non-lethal damage to non-undead targets
  • You must stabilize or heal another target twice in order to attune with this weapon
  • Willing targets may give you +5 to your attack rolls against them with this weapon

This short golden mallet was accidentally created when a customer requested a magic item to assist with “blunt trauma care.” Needless to say, the customer never came back. This weapon stores up to 5 charges that recharge each day at dawn. The owner may expend one charge when successfully striking a target to infuse them with radiant energy, providing 2d10 points of healing and briefly creating light within a 5(10) foot radius. The directed radiant energy will harm undead.


Evra Goom